Who We Are

Redditch Common Neighbourhood Trust

Redditch Common Neighbourhood Trust (RCNT) was formed in 1988 and granted the lease of the former Territorial Army Drill Hall in Easemore Road, known as Community House, by the Commission for New Towns. Ownership of the hall was subsequently passed to Redditch Borough Council who continue to lease the building to RCNT.

Our mission is:
“To promote the effective working of any Charities operating within the Borough of Redditch by the provision of facilities and accommodation calculated to achieve that aim and to apply the same for any charitable purposes directed wholly or mainly for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Borough of Redditch”

RCNT is both a Registered Charity (1112546) and a Registered Company (5507325).

History of Community House

Originally built in 1908, Community House was used as an Artillery barracks for the 3rd(c) battery, South Midlands Brigade, of the 67th Regiment of Royal Field Artillery. The regiment was reformed after the First World War as the 267 battery, which was transferred in 1939 to the new 119 regiment of the Royal Artillery. Information can also be found on the Drill Hall Project website.

In the 1960s, the building was purchased by the Redditch Development Corporation who intially leased it to the Windsor Social Club. Later, as part of an endeavour to provide social and cultural amenities for the town, the Development Corporation leased the building to the Redditch Common Neighbourhood Trust to be used as a community centre for local charities and organisations.